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Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province in Yangtze River delta, which is at the junction of coast and Yangtze Economy Developing Zones. With the Yangtze River in the north, Tai Lake in the south, Shanghai in the east, Nanjing in the west, close to the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone and Zhangjiagang main ports, it benefits from convenient land and water transportation.

As the core enterprise of Jiangsu Huachang (Group) Co., Ltd., HuaChang Chemical was founded in 1970, reorganized in 1999, and became a stock enterprise in 2004; we had the IPO in A-share market of China on September 25, 2008, with stock code 002274. In December 2013, the ecological fertilizer production base with the annual output of 1 million tons was put into operation, and the concentrated nitric acid project with the annual output of 150,000 tons in ZhangJiaGang factory was started in August. At present, we have established a complete industrial pattern, including agrochemicals (synthetic ammonia, Urea ammonium chloride, compound/mixed fertilizer), basic chemicals (sodium carbonate), fine chemicals and biochemical products (polypeptide, ethylene imine, refined methanol, sodium borohydride and amino acid series, etc.).

Huachang takes "to be a century old factory, a national foundation" and "the top enterprise of Jiangsu province, a leading enterprise of China" as goal; we have made a lot of efforts onachieving this goal, such as layinggreat stresses on internal management and cycle economy, market expansion and brand establishment. Up to now, all the economic indexes of our company rank the leading position of this industry in China, and Huachang gainsa high reputation in this industry too.

In 1992, we successfully became the first synthetic ammonia manufacturer that could recover slag 100%. In 1993, we successfully became the first synthetic ammonia manufacturer that can meet the vapor consumption independently. In 1996, we successfully became the first synthetic ammonia manufacturer with zero-discharge of gasification sewage. In 2003, we successfully became the first synthetic ammonia manufacturer that can use reclaimed water as material. In 2006, the "collection of advanced technologies of China" became sample project in nitrogenous fertilizer production industry. In 2007, we started to adopt Responsible Care System into our daily operation. In 2008, we became an advanced enterprise of China for energy-saving, discharge-reducing and water-saving. In 2009, we became one of top 50 enterprises in nitrogen fertilizer industry of China; Our movement project for environment protection was awarded silvery prize of China for good engineering; our trademark "Jinzi" was reapproved as the famous brand of Jiangsu province (SGS[2009]419).

In 2010, the opening ceremony of national chemical identification stations was held in Beijing. JiangSu HuaChang Chemical is the unique enterprise member of 8 national chemical identification stations. With the establishment of this skill identification station, our training system has been improved, and the employee training can be optimized.

In 2010, the company was rated as listed enterprise of "national agrochemical service center, and won A grade quality and credit enterprise of Jiangsu, three-star level enterprise of Suzhou. In 2011, the company was awarded the "top-100 listed companies in chemical industry in 2011" by CCEMA and Intelligence Information Association. In 2013, the "Jin" trademark was rated as well-known trademark of Suzhou. "Jinzi" is well-known trademark of Jiangsu, and "Jin" is well-known trademark of Suzhou. We strive to make "Jin" a well-known trademark of Jiangsu, and "Jinzhitai" a well-known trademark of Suzhou.

In 2014, "Jinzijitu" trademark was evaluated as a well-know trademark of fertilizers and chemical fertilizers by Industry general administration and Commerce Trademark Review Committee.

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